Flexibility and many years of experience in dealing with gas measurement and leakage test units from a very
wide range of brands form our basis for providing perfect service.
Our service is oriented towards your needs. This is why repairs of defective units take between one and three days.
If you cannot afford to interrupt your production process, we even repair and service your units on weekends and
holidays. If you deliver your defective unit on Friday, you'll get it back repaired on Monday.
Naturally we also provide this service at your facilities - and this means anywhere in Europe. If your production
cannot tolerate any interruption at all, we would be happy to provide a unit on loan within 24 hours.

Our service works in accordance with ISO 9000. All data and configurations for the units we deliver are recorded
in a database. Furthermore, repairs and modifications are also stored. In this way, we know the history of each unit,
all work that has been performed on it, faults that have possibly not been repaired, replaced parts and calibrations
and calibration certificates.

For example, if you need to change the calibration or to change the type and quantity of the test gas because of
alterations to your production process, we would be happy to handle this for you as a part of our services.

Our service team:
Kurt Höber 
Development and service
Sebastian Höber
Rosa Henke

Service and repairs worldwide:

We would like to introduce our new business partners worldwide:

Micro Precision Calibration, Inc.
Mr Brian Gold (Division Manager)
22835 Industrial Place
Grass Valley, CA 95949
Tel: (530) 268-1860
Fax: (530) 268-1203
E-Mail: gv-contact@microprecision.com
Website: www.microprecision.com

Hong Kong
Best Engineering Company Limited
Mr. Edward Lau , Managing Director
Unit 6-10, 25/F, Technology Park,
18 On Lai Street, Sha Tin, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel.: +85223320195
Fax: +85227108237
E-Mail: Mr. Aki Louie akilouie@besteng.com.hk (Service)
Website: www.best-eng.com.cn

Sunray Science Co., Ltd.
Mr. Steven Chou. Service
No. 30, Lane 155, Sanmin Road, 105,
Sung Shan Dist.
105 Taipei, Taiwan
Tel.: +886227640999
Fax: +886227641465
E-Mail: steven@srs.com.tw
Website: www.srs.com.tw

Micro Precision Calibration Laboratory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Padung Srasuay, Service Manager
413 Bondstreet Road, Bangpood Subdistrict,
Pakkred District,
Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand
TEL:+66 2 583 9834
FAX:+66 2 583 9835
E-Mail: padung@microprecision.com
Website: www.microprecision.com

Detect Services Corporation
Mr. Tim Bush
1318 Underwood Road
Suite 101
La Porte, TX 77571
Phone: 001-281-479-2706
Fax: 001-281-479-2780
E-mail: detectservices@aol.com

Mr. Jojo Seno, Business Development Manager
602 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Boulevard corner St. Francis Street
1552 Mandaluyong City, Philippines (+8 GMT)
Tel.: (+63-2) 910-1676; 910-1677 ; 633-2026
Fax: (+63-2) 632-9949
Mobile: (+63) (0)922-861-3651
Website: www.westeam.com

DIBEN Medición, Análisis e Instrumentación
Mrs. Ing. Susana Rodríguez Zamora
Andador del Temoluco 37 Edif. 5-B-003
U.H. Acueducto de Guadalupe
México, D.F.
Fax/Tel. 01 55 5388 1832
Tel. 01 55 5392 892
Website: www.diben.com.mx
E-mail: ventas@diben.com.mx