The History
Winfried Ridzewski founded the company in 1990. Initially we concentrated on consulting services for companies involved in all aspects of process and laboratory analysis. In addition, our work activities also focussed on representation of various manufacturers of laboratory and process analyzers, such as Systech Instruments LTD, Ion Science Ltd., Focus Engineering GMK and PBI Dansensor.

  Winfried Ridzewski, Managing Director

After we had installed a very large number of units at customers in a short time, we had to strengthen our service department. We also rigorously expanded our sales area. This development continued for some time, until more and more of our customers approached us with new requirements for the units that we had distributed. Some of these involved only improvements and modifications to the units, but others were technical requests that could not be filled by the units that we distributed and serviced.
In order to further expand our business segment consistently and not be dependent on the development departments of our suppliers, we decided to develop our own devices that would exactly match the market’s needs. Today we are in the happy position of being able to offer very modern and precise devices, which are all completely developed and produced in Germany, with mainly German components.
In recent years, we have also been able to strengthen our exports - both in other countries in Europe and in the Asian region.

The Fields of Operation
Ridzewski GmbH develops, builds, sells and services oxygen and CO2 measurement units in gases that are used in the chemical, gas, electronic and food industries.
Our second product field is in sealing test devices, in various sizes and constructions. These can be operated automatically and manually, and are mainly used for quality controls on products packed under a protective atmosphere.